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August 1, 2022

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letter | Meet the superheroine Danielle.

Dear readers,

I hope you’ll enjoy reading my first fiction book: Danielle: chronicles of a superheroine. It’s a novel about a clever young girl. She’s a heroine who uses her super-mind, along with smart-tech and the help of her amazing friends — to solve big global problems. She finds solutions with her creative thinking.

I wrote this positive story to showcase the power of ideas — together we can all create a better tomorrow. I believe our future is a world of abundance. My message is: anyone can be a Danielle!

The novel comes with 2 non-fiction companion books that guide you through Danielle’s world. With practical advice to help everybody become a hero or heroine — using bright thinking, compassion, and a taste for adventure.

The novel is illustrated by my daughter Amy Kurzweil | visit — she’s a graphic novelist + cartoonist featured in the New Yorker magazine. I hope my book will inspire all ages — get you laughing, dreaming, making, doing, inventing, caring, and thinking.

the novel’s website | visit

Ray Kurzweil


— the book trio —

SET | A novel with two companion books.

a. |

fiction | the novel
book title: Danielle
deck: Chronicles of a superheroine.

Danielle’s world is complex, exciting, and chock-full of ideas + people from modern history. The novel is an international trip-tych of Danielle’s journey.

The book is organized by her age — starting as a baby, and growing-up with her into a young adult.

visit the website | Danielle World

b. |

non-fiction | guide book
book title: How to Be a Danielle

This little guide shows you how to achieve your goals: using your heart, your smarts, and your spirit.

visit the website | Danielle World
click to read: the e-book

c. |

non-fiction | companion book

book title: a Chronicle of Ideas
deck: A guide for superheroines + superheroes.

A behind-the-scenes tour: digging deep into the topics, tech, events, and historic characters that bring Danielle’s journey to life. Every chapter of the novel is paired with a matching read-along from this companion book.

visit official website | Danielle World
click to read: the e-book

WATCH | Meet the sisters Danielle + Claire.
video: by illustrator Amy Kurzweil

WATCH | See what readers are saying about the book.


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