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December 1, 2019

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We’re happy to announce that Ray Kurzweil’s debut novel Danielle is a Moonbeam Children’s Book Award gold medal winner — in the category of health issues for youth.¬† We hope you’ll enjoy this adventure.

The story is bundled with 2 non-fiction guide books that illustrate Danielle’s world — exploring her clever ideas, plus the historical heroes + happenings she encounters along the way.

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about | the book award

This special awards series — given to the best writing for youth — is presented by Jenkins grp. + Independent Publisher. The judges panel is made-up of experts in children’s literature.

The award honors quality youth books + their creators — in support of childhood literacy and life-long learning.

the awards:

— given in 42 print book categories.
— given in 4 e-book categories.
— cover wide-ranging subjects, styles, age groups.
— selected annually + celebrated with a gala.

about | the story

The novel Danielle is an exciting adventure about: the young girl Danielle, her sister Claire, and her entourage of amazing friends. Together — using their creativity + thinking + positivity — they take-on today’s big issues. Ray’s message is: anyone can be a Danielle!

The book won a gold medal for its themes about growing-up — and for encouraging youth + adults to apply their talents to make a better tomorrow. In the novel, Danielle triumphs using her super-savvy approaches to: improving global health-care, solving political problems, and bringing basic needs to everybody.

award: the Moonbeam Children’s Book Award
placement: Gold Winner in Health Issues
category: young adult
group: the Jenkins grp. + Independent Publisher
award year: 2019

book title: Danielle
deck: Chronicles of a superheroine.
author: by Ray Kurzweil
genre: fiction
book year: 2019

visit the book’s website | Danielle World



award: the Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards
web: home
tag line: Celebrating youthful curiosity, discovery, and learning through books + reading.

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from: Independent Publisher
from: the Jenkins grp.

Creating books that inspire our children to read, learn, and dream is important. Each year’s entries — for the Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards — are judged by our panel of youth educators, librarians, book-sellers, and book reviewers. Winners get: gold, silver, and bronze medals. Our 156 medalists are chosen from 1,200 total entries.

Society is complicated — and growing-up is so difficult. But activist authors are stepping-up. They write books that celebrate the joy of childhood, helping kids + families cope. The awards recognize these wonderful books — bringing them to book-sellers, librarians, parents, and children.

The Jenkins grp. has been involved in book packaging, marketing, and distribution since year 1988. Its founders + employees have children and grand-children who infuse the company with their love of books.

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YA = young adult
grp. = group