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An adventure for all ages.
May 1, 2019

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LETTER | Meet the superheroine Danielle.

Dear readers,

I hope you’ll enjoy reading my first fiction book: Danielle: Chronicles of a Superheroine. It’s a novel about a clever young girl. She’s a heroine who uses her super-mind, along with smart-tech and the help of her amazing friends — to solve big global problems. She finds solutions with her creative thinking.

I wrote this positive story to showcase the power of ideas — together we can all create a better tomorrow. I believe our future is a world of abundance. My message is: anyone can be a Danielle!

The novel comes with 2 non-fiction companion books guiding you through Danielle’s world — with practical advice to help everybody become a hero or heroine: using bright thinking, compassion, and a passion for adventure.

The novel is illustrated by my daughter Amy Kurzweil, a cartoonist featured in the New Yorker magazine. I hope my book will inspire all ages — get you laughing, dreaming, making, doing, inventing, caring, and thinking!

Explore the book this summer — visit DanielleWorld.

Ray Kurzweil

— the book trio —

READING | A novel with two companion books.

a. |  the novel

book title: Danielle
deck: Chronicles of a Superheroine

note: Danielle’s world is complex, exciting, and chock-full of ideas + people from modern history. The novel is an international trip-tych of Danielle’s journey.

b. |  guide book • non-fiction

book title: How to Be a Danielle

note: This guide book shows a pathway to be like Danielle in your own activities.

visit official website | DanielleWorld
to read: the e-book

c. | companion book • non-fiction

book title: A Chronicle of Ideas
deck: a Guide for Superheroines + Superheroes

note: A behind-the-scenes tour: digging deep into the topics, tech, events, and characters that bring Danielle’s journey to life. Every chapter of the novel is paired with a matching read-along from this companion book.

visit official website | DanielleWorld
to read: the e-book



WATCH | Meet the sisters Danielle + Claire.
video: by illustrator Amy Kurzweil


WATCH | See what readers are saying about the book.


BOOK REVIEWS | from celebrities

from: Stevie Wonder • link
bio: legendary recording artist, award winning song-writer

The character Danielle shines a light forward — to a future with more peace, love, and understanding. My friend Ray Kurzweil inspires each of us to be like Danielle: and reach these goals through our gifts, our intelligence, and our passion.

Stevie Wonder

from: Suzanne Somers • link
bio: actress, best selling author, personal health coach

In a world filled with challenges, it can be hard to feel like anything you do has impact. This novel by Ray Kurzweil lifts us up. The story is an optimistic, hopeful vision of humanity’s future.

Suzanne Somers

from: Tony Robbins • link
bio: motivational speaker, best selling author, life coach

Something we all need to learn is: “be kind + be smart” — that’s Danielle’s motto. The novel by my friend Ray Kurzweil, called Danielle: Chronicles of a Superheroine teaches people of all ages this lesson, through the power of inspired story-telling. The character Danielle gives us a fun, simple way to see the world in a different light.

Tony Robbins

from: Aimee Mullins
bio: sports star, pioneer for athletes w. handicaps

This is novel inspires the next generation of superheroines and superheroes. Ray Kurzweil’s book is a celebration of determination, imagination, plus experiential learning: the adventures of the wondrous Danielle. This story is an alternate history where a courageous girl changes the world.

Aimee Mullins

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— notes —

* Stevie Wonder is Stevland Hardaway Morris
* Suzanne Somers is Suzanne Marie Mahoney
* Tony Robbins is Anthony Jai Mahavoric
* Ray Kurzweil is Raymond Clyde Kurzweil